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Our company welcomes you and ensures smooth logistic operations. Since different sectors of businesses require different techniques and knowledge, our cargo care teams have the right skills to satisfy you in your needs. We built relationships over the past several years; we are aware of the right service for our customer’s individual needs. Our business ethics is designed to stand for our promises and meet the target on time.

We have a well trained personnel staff to give our clients the care they need. Tunnel supply and logistics has the tools and platform to deliver a wide variety of unique freight services.

Non-food Cargo

We are ready to handle every type of cargo dry or wet. We are able to offer expert consultation through every step of the forwarding process. Whether you're shipping construction materials or bundle of used cloths, medical equipments or home appliances like computers and heavy washing machines, our forwarding teams are instantly ready to respond you on time. Our specialized crew will provide optimal results and peace-of-mind on every consignment.

Project Cargo

Our logistics teams are well trained transport special cargoes from project materials to heavy automobiles with safety as our number one priority. The TSL fleet transporting partners are ready to give full care of special treatment to all our customers’ cargoes such as food and non-food cargoes like large vehicles.

We accustomed doing all extraordinary tasks on daily basis so we are capable to handle extreme issues. They specialized in finding solutions to exceptional demands while keeping she required safety measures.

Special Cargo

From the initial booking to the final destination, TSL makes sure that all cargo are delivered on time and in excellent condition. Taking advantage of our advanced communication systems, we built user-friendly online system, where our customers can post all his concerns privately so we can track back them and provide the best solutions as per their call!

PERSONALIZED CARGO: Our especial cargo service will provide you the perfect choice to transport your personal packages.

Air Cargo

Tunnel Supply & Logistics prepared air cargo service which is to handle your needs on time and in a very convincing way. Whether shipping flowers, pharmaceuticals or any other commodity that requires temporary cold storage, TSL is equipped well with the correct tools to provide on-airport services to ensure that the product is temperature controlled immediately upon unloading or prior to the loading of the aircraft.

AIR CARGO: Restricted & Exceptional Goods
  • Aerosols and gases.
  • Aerosols (Deoclornate, air fresher, etc) compressed gas cylinders aqualungs.
  • Perfumes and flammable goods.
  • Liquid, perfumes and aftershaves, lighten heater, fuels, paint, thinners, spirit levels, matches, fire fighters.
  • Toxic and infections substances.
  • Corrosives and batteries.
  • Dangerous goods
  • Explosives

We facilitated enormous flight-forwarding services. If you are a corporate and thinking about the hassle of distribution, just call TSL and your forwarding needs will be met shortly.


We are broad of our long relational and experience with local with local and international flight cargo system. Our concrete experience in the cargo industry is our client’s expectation. We have been able to offer customized, safe and cost effective services to our clients spread across our country and to the world.


We provide extensive land transport services offering customers very safe logistic operations with comprehensive solution that takes them to a shortened service period cycle. We avoid delays at any cost so our customers can rely on our trusted quality standards and advanced monitoring methods. We engage our customers as potential partners who will reflect our business image to the new hand-in-hand. Our service starts


We are a leading custom clearing agent in Somalia. Customs brokerage is a profession that involves the 'clearing' of goods through customs barriers for importers and exporters including profit and non-profit organizations. Our services offer preparation of documents and/or electronic submissions, the calculation (and usually the payment) on behalf of the client of taxes, duties and excises, and facilitating communication between the importer/exporter and governmental authorities.

It’s usual to clear your foreign cargo at the entry port in either land or air. Tunnel Supply & Logistics Company prepared its clearance team for all cargoes subjected to clearance through Customs and the payment of duty.

Our company offers Customs Clearance Services that are faster and hassle free after the consignment is aligned is for clearance. We support and guide our clients to handle the sensitive procedure of custom clearance with taking full responsibility.

We utilize our expertise and latest technology and ensure that the supply chain of our client remain compliant and meets the local authority’s updates procedures.

Some of our specialized services offered by us TSL:

  • Specialist in assisting local small businesses to import from overseas suppliers in both FCL or LCL
  • We export consignments by both air and sea
  • We support local crop harvesters and provide excellent Export Logistics including transportation and warehousing
  • Import/export between multinational companies with relationship between buyer & sellers
  • Bonding / ex-bonding of consignments
  • Customs clearance of food & non-food items
  • Personnel un-accompanied baggage
  • Project cargo clearances
  • Re-Export or Re-Import Customs Clearance
  • Import clearance and facilitation of duty exemption certificate under custom’s laws for all applicable items
  • Dry Cargo handling and warehousing
  • Soliciting and cooperation in sourcing commodities with promotional goods from giant suppliers

Tunnel Supply & Logistics Company is one of the finest warehousing companies in Somalia. We provide the unbeatable warehouse services and supply operations to ensure that our customers distribute their service on the promised time. Being the trusted name in the industry, we are engaged with the humanitarian organizations. We have various loading docks with sufficient space for placing materials which makes it easy for shipping and receiving.


Packing-cargo is an eye blink for us to transport our customer’s property with the best appropriate loading & unloading services. We offer especial prices for internal residential relocation, corporate relocation. We are in the forefront in packing and moving cargoes in Somalia. We specialized in household & corporate goods transportation with facilities for warehousing and storage.


We build Structures comprised of pillars, beams and tie-beams made of reinforced concrete or iron with wooden walls.

Our structural system can support and transmit various loads. These Loads can be classed as static or dynamic. In houses, the structural and enclosure structures (external and internal walls ) are sometimes integrated.

1. Floors and ceiling

It’s our primary functions to replace or provide new floor to support the imposed loads and to provide a level surface for the activities that are carried out in the home.

We design floors to meet a number of performance requirements, including:

  • Strength and stability: Floors experience both dead and live loading throughout the lifetime of the building. The live loads can vary significantly depending on the number of people living in a home and activities occurring there. For example, taking a bath can increase the load on the bathroom floor by up 150 kg. So if the floor is not matching the load, it will immediately wear out and vanish from existence.
  • Durability: The floors of every house must be hard-wearing if they are to withstand the demand of everyday use.
  • Moisture resistance: Ground floors must be designed to withstand moisture rising from the ground floors. If moisture rises up through the floor, the natural carpets will rot.

2. Exterior Walls.

We build primary external walls of a house or comps from durable materials. Walls must be designed to meet a number of performance requirements including: 1st Strength and Stability — The strength and stability of an external wall depends on: — the strength of the components used (E.g. blocks, mortar). Bonding is an essential design feature of masonry walls and greatly improves the strength of a wall by ensuring that it performs as a continual unit. Bonding is defined as the overlapping of blocks or bricks to ensure that the vertical and lateral loads are dispersed evenly throughout the wall. See photo below

3. Roofs:

The primary functions of a roof are to protect a building from the weather and to retain the heat generated inside. Roofs must be designed to meet a number of performance requirements, including: 1st Strength and Stability — the structural stability of a roof is tested every day. The wind blowing against it and the additional weight of rain or snow, are considerable.


Procurement Services is dedicated to ensuring that all supplies, materials, equipment and services are procured at the lowest possible cost. Cost being defined as the optimum combination of price, quality, availability, and service. Our procurement service offers our customers value added commitments to assist with cost control programs and operational support to all areas of supply and chain prospects.

What “PROCURE” meant for TSL

P Prior preparation and concurrence to the customer’s demands

R Respond promptly

O Our client’s needs are ensured

C Compliance with service standards

U Understand the value of every commitment and suggestions

R Restore confidence in our front-line services

E Empower the customer with 24/7 access to a reliable information